CCOHS offers free resources for Take Our Kids to Work Day

Employers should hold orientation focusing on workplace-specific health and safety issues

CCOHS offers free resources for Take Our Kids to Work Day

On Nov. 14, the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) reminds all organizations involved in the national Take Our Kids to Work day to take extra care to protect the visiting students from any hazards that may be present in the workplace.


“There is a lot of excitement around Take Our Kids to Work day as the students learn about, and get a glimpse into, the world of work. It’s also a prime opportunity to introduce our future workforce to workplace health and safety as an integral part of the job, and to ensure that the students have a safe and rewarding experience,” said Anne Tennier, CCOHS president.


In preparation for Take Our Kids to Work day, CCOHS recommends employers take the time to hold a workplace orientation with the students that focuses on health and safety issues relevant to that environment.


CCOHS is offering free health and safety tools to help workplaces promote safety to students visiting the workplace.


The New Worker Safety in Canada infographic outlines what employers can do, covers safety tips for workers and their three rights, and highlights the components of effective training methods.


The New Worker Orientation Checklist offers workplaces a guide on how to provide training to workers.


The Young Workers Zone is a website dedicated to providing free and easy access to a comprehensive collection of credible resources in Canada for keeping kids safe on the job.