Don’t forget to register for our Safety Leaders Summit

The inaugural edition will take place on June 22 – don’t miss out!

Don’t forget to register for our Safety Leaders Summit
A worker was injured after getting caught in the chain drive while cleaning a conveyer.

Last calls to register for our first ever Safety Leaders Summit, bringing OHS pros from around Canada together to discuss key trends around safety leadership.

Register now to join in our virtual event on June 22, 2021, at 10.10am ET.

As well as benefitting from a wide array of top notch panels led by some of the sector’s biggest leaders, the virtual event will also feature plenty of networking opportunities.

One of our speakers, Katie Browning, Director – Safety and Security, Harbourfront Centre, says that she is most looking forward to “getting to connect with fellow safety leaders and learn from their success and failures in the last year-- it is a wonderful growth opportunity.”

Browning will be one of the speakers on the ‘Diversity, equity and inclusion in health and safety’ panel.

The pandemic has had a huge effect on the OHS profession, bringing it from a niche concern to a mainstream one.

“I think for the first time for many organizations, safety is actually being considered first rather than it just being a nice slogan to say. When the stakes are so high – the potential outcome being a life threatening COVID-19 outbreak – it becomes easy to say safety comes before revenue, success or recognition, says Browning.

It is wonderful to see how the pandemic has allowed all layers of an organization to see the way safety impacts them. Overall, with this type of stakeholder engagement, you are able to create more robust health & safety programs.”

And to create a strong safety culture, leadership is key.

“I believe the most important factor that determines success in a safety leader is the ability to move forward in spite of the obstacles,” says Browning. “Oftentimes in an organization, you can be battling against the way things have always been done or bogged down with the minutia that every stakeholder seems to bring to the table, but it is important to remember that progress does not mean perfection.”

Says Browning: “If I learnt anything in the last 12 years, it is that the first Health & Safety program will not be the last one and you should never hinder progress just because you feel you do not have all the answers. The key is always continual improvement-- if the program is growing with an organization then it is successful.”

More information about the event’s program and speakers be found here.

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