NSC Safety Congress & Expo wraps up virtual edition

This year, the annual U.S. event went digital

NSC Safety Congress & Expo wraps up virtual edition
The expo took place from March 3 – 5.

The NSC Safety Congress & Expo took place last week from March 3 – 5.

Organized by the National Safety Council, the congress is one of the biggest safety events in the U.S. and draws crowds from all over North America.

This year – as with most other events – the NSC conference went digital. Initially slated to take place in Indianapolis, then scheduled to be hosted in Houston, the congress finally chose to go virtual due to the ongoing pandemic.

Billing itself as “global”, one of the advantages of hosting a virtual event is that safety enthusiasts from all over the world can join in the fun!

The event included a mix of different panel sessions and was also host to (virtual) networking opportunities for safety pros from around the globe.

One of the highlights of the congress was a keynote by Corrie Pitzer, CEO of Safemap, called “The Final Frontier: Zero Fatalities - To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before...”

Pitzer impressed upon the importance of science in pushing forward the role of the safety professional.

“We cannot continue into the space age if we’re still using techniques and tools that are thirty, and forty, and fifty years outdated,” he said during his speech.

A number of awards were also handed out during the three-day congress. These awards recompensed safety heroes across the board, with awards for young hopefuls such as the Teen Safety Award and the Rising Stars of Safety, and awards for more established figures such as Kent McElhattan, Chairman and CEO of Discovery Robotics Corp, who was honoured with the Flame of Life Award.