The complete guide to business continuity planning

Learn how to effectively safeguard your supply chain

The complete guide to business continuity planning
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With post-pandemic recovery on everyone’s minds, business sustainability and continuity are a major focus for organizations moving forward.

During the pandemic, business continuity planning truly made a difference – businesses and organizations with an effective plan in place were able to successfully weather the storm of COVID while those that didn’t struggled.

The COVID pandemic has nevertheless led to large-scale operational disruptions, notably at the supply chain level.

Indeed, studies indicate that 69 per cent of companies do not have full visibility of their supply chain.

To successfully jump the hurdles of post-pandemic recovery, businesses and organizations need to deploy measures to safeguard their present and future. To do this, they should establish a comprehensive business continuity plan (BCP).

A BCP boils down to “having the right resources available in a timely manner,” says Danny Shields, vice president of industry relations at Avetta.

An effective BCP will help make a positive impact on a company’s bottom line, while also ensuring the health and safety of employees.

To learn more about business continuity planning, download this free whitepaper from Avetta and learn about the role a BCP plays in supply chains.

You will learn:

  • The differences in business continuity planning among small, medium, and large enterprises
  • The stages of the BCP cycle
  • How to build a crisis response team to draft emergency safety policies and procedures for the workplace
  • Case studies and templates for successful business continuity planning.

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