Why small communities do safety better

And how a new event is hoping to expand OHS representation in small and underserved areas

Why small communities do safety better

The Canadian Safety and Sustainability Professionals (CSSP) are putting together the first-ever health and safety conference in Orillia, Ontario. Taking place on September 21, 2022, the event aims to re-connect safety pros in a disconnected world.

The conference will focus on three main areas, says event organizer and OHS practitioner Peter Sturm. Firstly, it will focus on major and significant topics that every safety professional needs to address; secondly, there will be keynote speakers who are well informed and leaders in their area of expertise; and lastly there will be networking opportunities for safety professionals in a diverse, growing and challenging work and safety environment.

Having an event like this is especially important in smaller communities – “safety solutions are needed by every workplace, regardless of location and size,” says Sturm.

And it is especially important because so many “brilliant” and “doable” safety solutions come from smaller companies and communities that have a “can do” and “what can I share” with others mindset, says Sturm. He says that a secret of small safety communities is that they realize that there are no “secrets in safety” and that “if I can help my local safety professional with a solution, our whole community is better helping our friends and neighbours to have safer workplaces.”

Sturm says that “we are fortunate that smaller communities work side by side and closer with regulators, associations and their partners to get to solutions that solve real workplace issues – come to this conference to be part of this journey.”

“This conference is the combination of great keynote speakers, topics that are relevant to every safety professional, and there is a need for the safety profession, employers and regulators to remain current, add value to our communities and workplaces and ensure that we continue to prevent those events and injuries that happen every day,” says Sturm.

He explains that many safety professionals are “zoomed out” and are looking for a safe and accessible place to network, learn, share and bring the fun back to safety. “COVID 19 has taught us to think differently, look at new ways and this one day conference addresses issues lingering for the last two years.  This is a solution based conference that many are asking for at this time,” says Sturm.

“Come to Orillia Ontario, in central Ontario; easily accessible from all surrounding cities and local communities,” says Sturm. “Other conference groups and associations prefer large safety markets. This safety conference offers low reasonable costs and is accessible to everyone.”

You can find out more about the conference here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/work-safety-whats-new-reconnecting-in-a-disconnected-world-tickets-319015222117