Worker loses toes in LRT project

A fast-moving shard struck the worker in the foot

Worker loses toes in LRT project

One worker was injured in Alberta, according to the employer’s CEO.

A subcontractor lost their toes in the Green Line LRT project last month, CEO Darshpreet Bhatti said, according to a Calgary Herald report.

The incident happened on June 12 at the 78th Avenue S.E. construction site.

The worker was struck on the foot by a fast-moving shard.

One subcontractor was working inside a precast concrete culvert and another was operating a nearby excavator. The latter came across an abandoned below-ground pipe and tries to remove it, said Bhatti.

“We suspect — we don’t have the full findings of the report yet — that the individual operating the excavator may have tried to use the bucket of the excavator to pull that pipe out, rather than excavating around it,” Bhatti said in the Calgary Herald report.

During the process, the pipe broke into pieces and the shard flew toward the other subcontractor who was 30 feet away.

The worker was wearing steel-toed boots, but the contact happened in a way that it sliced some of the worker’s toes, according to the report.

The worker was taken to hospital.

Alberta Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) is investigating the incident.