Cority expands safety data sheet library

Ontario company partners with 3E to boost library by 30 times

Cority expands safety data sheet library

Cority, a global enterprise specializing in environment, health, and safety (EHS) and sustainability software, has unveiled an enhancement to its chemical management solution.

This advancement stems from a collaborative data integration effort with 3E, a provider of chemical, regulatory, and compliance information services. Cority's chemical management solution now boasts a safety data sheet (SDS) library expanded by 30 times its original size, thanks to seamless integration with 3E's esteemed SDS database. This integration equips Cority's clientele with access to an extensive repository containing current and high-quality information on tens of millions of hazardous materials.

"We're excited to bring 3E's extensive expertise and knowledge to Cority's chemical management solution," says Roy Raghavan, Cority's product manager.

Cority's holistic chemical management solution empowers organizations to navigate the entire lifecycle of chemicals, ensuring compliance, mitigating risks through data-driven decisions, and optimizing overall performance. As hazard communication ranks among the top ten cited items on OSHA's Citations List, companies are increasingly seeking robust solutions to access critical information, prevent incidents, and respond effectively when necessary.

Cority's collaboration with 3E aims to address these needs by enhancing workplace safety and simplifying hazard communication compliance through enhanced access to current and valuable chemical management information.

Alan Johnson, managing director of chemical workplace safety product lines at 3E, underscored the significance of the partnership in addressing compliance challenges. "Cority's application, powered by 3E's world-class data and expertise, can help organizations ensure their compliance strategy is responsive to regulatory trends and keeps pace with their innovation needs," stated Johnson.

Consolidating information into a unified digital system not only streamlines organizational resources but also empowers employees to access the entire electronic SDS library conveniently.

Cority's intuitive myCority mobile app enables field workers to access hazard information on-the-go, facilitating immediate action. Furthermore, with Cority's SDS library powered by 3E, organizations can automatically update documents, ensuring compliance with evolving regulatory standards and advancing workplace health and safety.

Cority's chemical management solution, integrated within the CorityOne™ EHS SaaS-based platform, facilitates seamless access to 3E's chemical data across various EHS clouds, supporting broader EHS operations and compliance categories, including industrial hygiene and environmental emissions reporting.