Effective OHS leaders need to be ‘open and present’

Safety expert weighs in on what makes a good safety officer

Effective OHS leaders need to be ‘open and present’

Sloan’s career started 20 years ago in the oil and gas industry as an operation. He eventually got involved in a Joint Health and Safety Committee which led him to really start taking his “passion towards helping people, and putting systems and processes into place to help people make sure they get home.”

Now, Sloan is HSE Manager at Birchcliff Energy. Having spent a number of years in the health and safety sector, he has picked up a few key insights into what makes an effective leader. “I think that one of the biggest things is [to] just be open and present.”

Having worked in a number of different industries and groups, he says that the big thing he found across the board was having open and honest conversations with those around you. And field engagement really is key, says Sloan. “Be part of those discussions when they’re having their safety discussions. Talk to them, and ask [them] why they came to the reasons they have so you can get a better understanding.”

Being a great safety leader is not just about ensuring compliance, it’s about creating a support system and an environment where workers feel comfortable to share their concerns.

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