Alberta association reminds employers of responsibility to prevent workplace violence

Employers can implement prevention plans to mitigate problematic instances

Alberta association reminds employers of responsibility to prevent workplace violence

The Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships (AASP) has reminded employers of their responsibility to implement certain practices to prevent and mitigate cases of workplace violence and harassment.

“You can mitigate violence and harassment by implementing violence and harassment prevention plans in your workplace,” said the AASP in an infographic.

According to the AASP, these plans must include prevention policies and procedures. It should also be in writing – whether in paper or electronic format – and readily available to workers at the work site.

The AASP also reminded employers to assess violence and harassment hazards and investigate any incidents involving them, as well as provide support for employees suffering from violence and harassment – including domestic and sexual violence.

The support must include enabling consultation with a health professional for treatment or referral; providing accessible services and resources through the workplace; and giving workers standard wages if treatment sessions occur during regular work areas.

Employers must also investigate any violence or harassment incident, take action to prevent these incidents from being repeated and prepare an investigation report outlining the circumstances of the incidents and the corrective action. They must retain the investigation report for at least two years after the incident, make it readily available, and submit a copy to the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety.

Supervisors also have an obligation to ensure workers under their supervision are not subject to harassment or violence at the work site while workers must refrain from causing or participating in harassment or violence.